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The Qualities of Share-Worthy Content

It’s undoubtedly a huge honor to have your content picked up by publishers, but that doesn’t mean it will be the start of a flurry of social media activity. If your goal is to receive both quality backlinks and social media shares, your content marketing strategy should incorporate these elements that can engage online audiences.


A survey revealed that 48 percent of people tend to share content on Facebook because they think their friends will find it interesting. What qualifies as “interesting” content, anyway? In a nutshell, your content might be of interest to your audience if it provides an original idea, or if it offers something surprising.

Hits the emotions

The same survey showed that thirteen percent of people share content on Facebook because it made them feel good, and they wish to pass along the emotional experience to their friends. In fact, a different study found a direct correlation between positive emotions and the number of initial views a viral image gets.


Eleven percent of users, meanwhile, share content in the hopes that their friends will find it useful. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since recipe videos are among the most shared content on Facebook. These videos, though short, are able to teach something new to viewers.

Now that people can keep track with the latest, your aim should be to publish more interesting and useful content than others.


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