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The Future of Branding: Beyond Branded Content

Established brands are aware that their audiences are migrating to commercial-free streaming platforms, and most of them have been engaging with their customers through entertaining original programming. Though this may seem like something that bigger brands with bigger budgets can achieve, the truth is that entertaining your audience is easily achieved.

Starting a Conversation

This approach has already been used since the advent of television, but its impact can be huge. It all starts with the need to start a conversation around a particular topic, but it needs to have the right approach, otherwise your content will be dull.

Build a Story

Marvel excels in using this model, with each film being a cinematic advertisement for its product universe. This is because Marvel knows how to create innovative story worlds that their consumers will want to inhabit. If you look at it closely, there’s no reason that particular films or television shows couldn’t have been developed and produced by brands.

 Align with a Force for Good

There are particular niches where building a story or starting a conversation wouldn’t be effective. For these brands, they could instead align themselves with a particular cause. In fact, roughly 90 percent of millennials want to support brands with a cause.

Though it may seem hard to reach out to audiences who avoid branded content, finding the right approach can help your brand find its way to their hearts.


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