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An Ad Agency Discusses Why E-Mail Marketing is Still Worth Doing


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “digital marketing?” Like most people, you’d likely answer Facebook. But here’s a little secret: e-mail marketing can actually be an even more effective channel than social media. Here’s why…

It’s a Numbers Game

Quick question, which channel do you think has more users: e-mail or Facebook. If you guessed the latter, we don’t blame you—many people would pick Facebook, too. But studies show that there are about 2.9 billion e-mail users around the world, about three times the number of Facebook users. If you want to reach more eyeballs, it’s hard to go wrong with e-mail marketing.

It’s The Most Personal Channel Available

Well, short of SMS messages, that is. But the fact remains that e-mail was the first social media platform, and it remains one of the most personal ones. It’s also a perfect channel for B2B marketers—after all, people don’t go to Facebook to talk about heavy machinery or sports flooring. For these niche products, prospects would rather receive personal missives where they can learn more about goods and services. Read more from this blog:


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